How This Helps

Simple Meditation for Stress: Meditation increases focus and concentration. The more meditation is practiced, the calmer and more effective the mind will be.


Meditation teaches the brain to focus on one stimulus at a time allowing for distraction to fall away. The “alpha” state is achieved over years of practice in concentration. High level athletes are accomplished at the alpha state because they have spent years teaching their brains to focus.

Specific Meditation for Stress Instructions:

Step 1: Find a comfortable position seated on a cushion crossed legged with hands resting on knees, straight spine

Step 2: Alternatively lie on your back with arms by your side if this helps you to relax

Step 3: A simple way to begin is with the breath

Step 4: Notice the inhale and the exhale

Step 5: Spend a few moments simply noticing

Step 6: Now count to four on the inhale, pause, then count to four the exhale, pause

Step 7: Repeat for a few moments

Just five minutes a day of focused breath meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety. This is also a simple exercise to do during a lunch break if the day feels overwhelming.

Science and Research

A recent John’s Hopkins analysis of research explains that meditation can potentially be as effective as antidepressants. Also, no harm was perceived from meditation. Pain symptoms as well as stress were shown to be relieved somewhat with the use of daily meditation practices.

 All this and an increase in focus, meditation is definitely worth trying for stress buster!


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