30 days to change

30 days to change

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With your free e-mail consultation, send me labs, basic food intake, journey to date, current symptoms & conditions & their onset (timeline),

I will design a functional nutrition program unique to you to identify your root causes with shopping list, food plan, botanical & nutritional supplements to address nutritional deficiencies & accelerate your success to achieve your health goal & see/feel change.

This 30 day program include 2 in-person/skype meetings to 1st, discuss plan, explain process, go through materials, answer questions, revisit & tweek program based on feedback, e-mails Q& A, support, answer questions...2nd, to evaluate success direction, re-focus, & make adjustments to move forward. 

How It Works

Symptoms are the only communication mode your body has with you. We need to listen.

There are many different contributing factors to symptoms & conditions.

To identify your personal triggers, it takes time, some detective work, evaluation, & being intuned with the signals your body is trying to communicate to you.

About The Expert

I have been dubbed a health transformation engineer/nutrition & lifestyle coach here to empower YOU to take back YOUR health! 

Together we can reverse your 'conditions', reverse/remiss conditions, and reclaim your health. 

I speciale in diabetes, weight loss resistance, digestive/leaky gut/autoimmune conditions. I have walked the walk reversing my own 6 autoimmune/15 symptoms conditions to regain my health feeling better now than I have in 40 years. Now, I design deliciously effective personal programs to heal the body from the inside out using a functional, Bio-individual approach with target dietary protocols, foods, botanicals, & nutritionals.

I have a BS Nutrition + Gastro-Intestinal Mastery certification from the Integrative Medicine Academy.

I have a personal story to share as well. After Western medicine repeatedly failed for 40+ years, I kept realizing I had to do it myself. My own BS Nutrition wasn't working & my health was spiraling downward with 10 autoimmune or AI-like conditions + stage 4 kidney disease. I dove into the research, used myself as a guinea pig to try things that were outside the box of my education & it worked! Now I do it for my clients!

Here is what I did:

Detox for heavy metals/radiation + a dairy-free keto diet.