Find the trauma behind the illness

Find the trauma behind the illness

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All conditions have an underlying traumatic event, an emotion that is stuck, an energy pattern that is frozen. Using InterActive Guided Imagery, a type of client-centered hypnotherapy, allows us to go "behind the scene", at the root cause of the imbalance, which is followed by different energy therapies to change its pattern and its energy. Removing blockages to health and well-being allows the body's innate healing system to come into play. During the calls, I also use different quantum devices and techniques to get to the root cause faster, in a harmonious way.

Consultations: 6 times 1 hr, by phone or video calls. A reasonable amount of emails for questions are allowed, even expected.

Follow-up series available if needed.

How It Works

We are body-mind-soul-spirit beings, holistic beings. The new science of psycho-neuro-immunology (your thoughts/emotions affect the nervous system, which affects the immune system) and epigenetics (beyond genetics, which enter into the picture only about 5% of the time) has demonstrated that.

The new ACE study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) shows that some 86% of chronic diseases and catastrophic illnesses come from traumatic events experienced during childhood. By going back to the event or events and neutralizing its "bad energy", one can often change the outcome of a condition.

The number 1 reason for which people now consult a doctor is because of stress and anxiety. Imagery, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, Bach Flowers and food therapy can help alleviate the symptoms of living in our modern world.

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About The Expert

Born and raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland, I started my studies in grapho-morpho-psychology and psychoanalysis with an Institute in Paris and a Center of Research in Nyon, Switzerland. Needing surgery every 6 months for skin cancer led me to also study nutrition, food therapy and detoxification. At age 18, I made the decision to stop the surgeries and followed a natural health path, which worked great for me.

I traveled for several months through Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia before coming to the United States in 1979.  

I home birthed and home schooled my 7 children, who were very healthy, thanks to the organic gardens we had. A divorce led me to experience first hand what panic disorders, chronic PTSD and legal abuse were, which followed the 20 years of domestic violence I was the victim of during my marriage. I needed strategies and therapies to recover... and I did.

I enjoy dancing (Argentine Tango), hiking, nature walks, swimming and all water sports. I learned to sail in Holland and got my VFR flying license, which I need to renew.

My children are grown and gone... and I enjoy the line of work I am involved in, with the many interesting detours it took. I have learned that body-mind-soul-spirit function as one, and when you affect one, you affect the others. The traumas you (and your ancestry) have experienced get lodged in the body, until dealt with. Where do all the conditions you are facing come from? Using special imagery techniques allows you to find out why you suffer, where it comes from, and more importantly, what to do about it. We are all different and the "one-size-fits-all" does not work for health and wellness.

To find out more, go to my website. In the meantime, live with PASSION, PURPOSE and DELIGHT!