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 A heart healthy diet can be full of flavor and wholesome foods.  Every one of these meals can be ordered out or made in the home.  Asking for specific things like baking not frying is important with heart disease when eating out.  Asking for dressings that are low fat/nonfat or with olive oil avoids the unhealthy fats.  It’s important to have a diet rich in monounsaturated fats and avoid at all cost transfat as well as limiting saturated fats to help avoid any further clogging of arteries. Choosing healthy fats helps lower the LDL, low density lipoprotein which is known as the bad fat.  High blood pressure is usually associated with heart disease and big thing with managing blood pressure is avoiding excess sodium in your diet.  The recommendations by the America Heart Association are for most Americans to keep it under 2300 mg a day and for those with heart issues/high blood pressure keeping it more at around 1500 mg is the best thing for you.  It is also recommended having a diet rich in potassium to help counter act any excess sodium to balance it out.  Having a diet rich in fiber foods, vegetables and fruit, helps create the filling feeling as well as help lower cholesterol.  This sample diet plan is full of flavor, healthy fats, vegetables and fruit and healthy lean protein.

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Sample meal is for ~1650 calories.  Which provides 240 grams of carbohydrates; 3-4 cups  of vegetables; 2 cups of fruits;  servings of dairy ; 76 grams of protein and  64 grams of fat; of that 24 grams from monounsaturated fats; 11 grams from polyunstatured fats and 8 grams from saturated fats; 0 trans fat..  1500 grams of sodium; 127 grams of cholesterol; 3880 mg of potassium.   This calorie level is typically adequate for a medium built male wanting to lose weight 1-2 pounds a week or a small woman maintaining weight
Breakfast: Enjoy a cup of fiber one cereal topped with coconut milk and blueberries.  Add an 8 ounce glass orange juice.  – 365 calories

Morning Snack: For midmorning snack enjoy unsalted mini pretzels with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.  -300 calories

Lunch:  Enjoy a taco salad for lunch.  Taco salad should look like this, extra lean ground turkey, tossed salad of whatever greens you want along with delicious slices of avocado.  For a delicious treat to go with your lunch of sliced banana in yogurt.  Enjoy a nice glass of ice cold green tea.  – 425 calories
Afternoon snack: For a healthy delicious afternoon snack enjoy a cup of baby carrots and 2 large celery sticks with fat free ranch dressing.  – 120 calories
Dinner: For Dinner enjoy a Quinoa Chard Pilaf with steamed vegetables, spinach or kale mixture and sweet potatoes roasted in herbs and olive oil.  To wash it down grab a refreshing glass of almond milk.  Enjoy a cup of sugar free apple sauce.  -458 calories

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