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Kosher meat should be obtained from cows below the age of 2.5 years.  Kosher laws also prohibit gunshot or stun inflicted on the brain on the animal to kill them. Meat obtained from the forequarters of the animal alone is fit under the kosher law.  The meat thus obtained is soaked or salted to remove the blood. The blood carries a number of disease causing microbes and this governs the principle of removing the blood.  

Kosher diet also relies on Olive oil obtained from the holy land (Palestine). Olive oil is rich in constituents that help in increasing good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol.  This property of the diet will have significant impact in preventing arthrosclerosis and  thromboembolic phenomena in the subsequent stages of the affliction. According to researchers, the extensive use of salt is helpful in eliminating bacteria that could be harmful to humans. 

According to reports from European markets, non-Jews from Africa and Asia have started turning to kosher meat after they found that the meat undergoes more rigorous inspection and investigation compared to regular meat. Another factor that makes kosher meat safe and  healthy is that the dietary laws laid out by the Jews prohibit mixing meat and milk products. Kosher meat and poultry are also free from hormones and this is significant since hormones are  believed to be highly carcinogenic.

Science and Research

Kosher foods represent a Jewish creation and kosher food is required to conform to dietary laws enshrined by the Jews. Halakha is the name ascribed to the Jewish law and it is known as kosher in the English language and is derived from Kosher which is a Hebrew term. The term translates to fit and in the context of food, it denotes food that is fit to be consumed. Food that does not conform to this law is termed as terif or Yiddish which term has its origin in the Hebrew term denoting “torn”. The meat that qualifies to be consumed according to kosher   should come from animals that are killed in accordance with dietary laws of the Jews and the blood of the animal should be drained out before the meat is eaten. 

Most vegetarians are aware that products of high quality won’t have hidden meat products. Patients experiencing enzyme intolerance cannot eat derivatives from whole milk. This is perhaps one reason that encourages non Jews to kosher food. The Kosher dietary laws carry health related thoughts that are identical to other religions. The Kosher stipulations are now growing in acceptance across the globe and many European and American people are choosing Kosher as a safe and healthy alternative. 

The forequarter meats of animals are kosher, the hindquarter is non-kosher:

Most of the beef pieces are muscles and exercise makes the muscles stronger compared to other muscle tissue which gets lesser exercise. This difference can be noticed when the meat is cooked. The best way to cook this type of meat is dry roasting. 

Meat conforming to the kosher rules is also rich in sterile proteins (bacteria free and microbes) and free hormones. These components are high in natural values apart from being delicious to the taste buds. To fully understand the different cuts of meat you should get help from an expert butcher.

The meal plan outlined below aims at preventing the onset of diseases rather than cure an existing disease. The plan is designed to provide you the diet needs for a full day. From a Jewish doctor’s perspective, the meal plan focuses on protecting you from pre-carcinogenic agents entering your body through unhealthy meat containing pre-carcinogenic constituents.

In this meal plan the meat used should conform to the kosher rules or Hala rules (set by Muslims) or others that follow the same tenets on killing animals and draining the blood before the meat is cooked. 

Kosher foods that have been established as having these benefits include:

 No corn, wheat, rice or leavened bread.

 Kosher meat. (Pure meat, free of blood) as mentioned above.

 Thyme and Sage (Salvia officinalis). Thymeis a very strong anti-cancer, where he was able to kill almost all prostate cancer cells in some studies. 

 Olive oil. Plays an important role to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol).

 Mashed avocado. Avocado is richer in potassium than bananas, and also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and good cholesterol. The avocado contains the substance called lutein which acts as anti-cancer, also contain anti-oxidants 'glutathione' which reduces significantly the risk of prostate cancers as well as the mouth cancer and esophagus.

 Fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts, which acts as antioxidants.


Poached eggs with thyme (total Calories approximately = 550)

1- Add uncooked olive oil and black pepper with a little salt to mashed eggs (2).

2- Thyme with uncooked olive oil and green olive.

3- Green olive.

4- Brown bread.

5- Tea with dried sage.

6- Optional to add sugar to the tea.


Grilled kosher meat (total Calories approximately = 1250)


1- Spiced meat 200g with olive oil 10 ml, mashed thyme 5g, black pepper 1g, and salt.

2- Brown bread (1-2 pieces) 

3- Mashed avocado 1 piece with 1 green pepper, 1 garlic, and ½ lemon and uncooked olive oil 2 large spoon.

4- Mixed tomato salad.

5- Green olive.


1-2 Orange

(71-142) Calories

Or Passiflora juice

1 cup without sugar (120-140) Calories

Note: you get a lot of calories from the drink!


Cooked tomato’s with green vegetables (total Calories approximately = 450)

1- Put tomato’s cuts about 300 g in the pan and cook it by olive oil 5 ml with green pepper 15 g and garlic 10 g for 10 minutes, until the content is dissolved in each other and gets thick. On the top you can add black pepper 1 g and mint pepper.

2- In a separate plate, green onions and cucumber in addition to salt and lemon.

3- Toasted bread (1-2 pieces).

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