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January 10, 2020
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Title: A Randomized Controlled Trial Of Godanti Bhasma Against Balaposhaka Churna In Management Of Balashosha W.S.R. To Protein Energy Malnutrition

Yogesh Shivaji Chavan1                     Dr.G Jai2

Background & Objective: Today Pediatric malnutrition constitutes a major public health problem in India & other countries of third world. Lots of attempts have been made to minimize this at National level but these are not sufficient. Therefore Indigenous system of medicine especially Ayurvediy rasasastra can play major role in providing health to children.

Design: A Randomized controlled trial was conducted.

Methods: 30 number of participants were selected from nearby rural Govt. UP School, Velliyakulam (Chertala) satisfying the inclusion & exclusion criteria. They were randomly divided in two groups. The trial drug Godanti bhasma is administered in study group & Balaposhaka churna in control group for duration of 1 month. Follow up taken after completion of medicine & after 3 months. Assessment based on blood values & clinical features was done before & after the treatment. The results were statistically analyzed & compared in between two groups.

Findings: The participants were in the age group of 5 to 12 years with mean age 8.89yrs. The study included nineteen females and eleven male participants. The mean weight was 19.40 with a S.D. of 2.28.  After the treatment weight, height, MUAC, S.Albumin was significantly increased in both the groups.In symptomatic evaluation both drug were significantly effective, But the trial drug was more effective on height gain, Mukha snigdhata, Netra snigdhata & S.Albumin than the control drug.

Conclusion: Godanti bhasma is effective in management of Balashosha (Protein energy malnutrition).


Key Words: Godanti bhasma, Protein energy malnutrition, Balaposhaka churna

1 MD(Ay) Scholar, Dept of Rasasastra, Govt. Ayurveda College, Tripunithura, Kerala.                 2 Professor, Dept of Rasasastra, Govt. Ayurveda College, Tripunithura, Kerala.

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