Conduct classes, workshops, consultations

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    Educate clients & other practitioners

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    Conduct classes & workshops

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    Consult & heal

Create e-learning modules & treatment plans

Post Consultation

Single Platform For All The Benefits

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    Educate more clients

    Focus on educating patients

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    Streamline referrals

    Connect with integrative practitioners for high-quality referrals

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    Deliver better outcomes

    Showcase outcomes, case studies, webinars


Transform your client's health with mind, body, spirit

Holistic therapies and treatment plans - all this and more in a click.

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My Records

  • Medical history

  • Conditions & Symptoms

  • Allergies

  • Therapies

  • Treatment Plans

  • Test results

Top Reasons to Use NourishDoc

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    Educate clients with holistic therapies

    Deliver client-focused care with holistic therapies, diet, and lifestyle changes.

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    Boost practice revenue

    Increase patient volume. Reduce overhead expenses and make personalized care more efficient.

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    Share your knowledge

    Engage clients & colleagues with your case studies, patient testimonials, and new research.

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    Grow your network

    Get connected with other integrative medicine providers for great referrals.

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    Deliver modern client care

    Single solution for appointments, bookings, payments, and tracking your clients’ progress.

Key Benefits


Automated office

Appointment schedules, Intake forms, Payments, Client medical history, and more


Records management

Share treatment plans


In-office or Telehealth

Consult in your office, or online via text, audio, or video


Client Portal

Connect through your website for all the benefits


Secure messaging

Exchange messages with clients and practitioners securely

for free

Manage your practice like a pro

We work with only the best integrative medicine providers with successful outcomes to help clients with a wide range of health concerns.

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