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July 12, 2018
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The Cruelty of Cancer and How I overcame it… 

After some years I had a lump near my right neck, I had a surgery and an amateur doctor analyzed the biopsy and wrongly diagnosed it to be TB. I started taking medicines for TB and my health was deteriorating day by day. The stupidity of the money minded amateur doctor reflected in my body. That was the turning point in my life. Multiple lumps started originating in my body. I went to a physician in Chennai. He doubted that I might have cancer and guided me to the right doctor leading to the right diagnosis of the disease, blood cancer.

The cancer was at the final stage. Initially when I met the amateur doctor, I was at stage one, later the TB drugs that he gave me added fuel to the fire, it deteriorated my immune system and I was then at stage four. The cancer had already spread to small intestine and lungs. I was totally collapsed at the age of 25 that too at the beginning of my career I was diagnosed with cancer, pathetic.

Those who underwent cancer treatment will accept the fact that treatment for cancer is more miserable then cancer by itself. Taking my health in one hand and career in other hand I need to balance myself in a single rope and move forward towards a bright future. I should go for chemotherapy twice a month. I plan my chemo on Saturday and Sunday and after chemo I have to take rest on Monday and Tuesday and will start taking class from Wednesday. Apart from medicines and treatment it’s the mindset of the patient that will help him to get rid of the disease. I was confident that I can come out of the disease easily.

The understanding about cancer gave me the courage to get out of cancer and doctors were astonished seeing my recovery. After one and half years of rigorous treatment I became normal. Later life becomes easier for me. Because comparing with the giant cancer and struggles I underwent to relieve myself from the clutches of death everything other problem that I faced in my life seem to be too little.


For some days I was under the observation of this Allopathic doctors, they certified that I am cancer free and fit to live in that world but still I did not get answer for my question, Why I developed cancer?.. I could not get any answer from google,

The search engines and the doctors gave funny answers for my question that being a man increases the risk of developing blood cancer by 15%, being in the age group 20 – 29 increases the risk of cancer by 20%. Being a man or being at that age group is not my fault,

The cruelty of the cancer survivors is that, there is a considerable chance of getting the cancer again and it will be more severe than the first one. To stop this I wanted to know the answer for my question “Why Did I develop Cancer? That was disturbing my sleep for several years..

I could not get the answer easily. I was then introduced to a good Acupuncture Doctor through my friend (remember there are several alternative therapist, but it is difficult to identify a good doctor who is not money minded). First I did not believe in that treatment, how come piercing needle in our body cures the disease, but my instinct said that I will get answer for my question. I started taking the treatment and I could feel healthy after each and every acupuncture treatment.

Because of the curiosity towards my question I started studying Acupuncture and understood that the reason that I developed cancer is not because of my gender and age but because of unhealthy lifestyle, that includes improper methods of eating food, improper methods of drinking water, not having quality sleep, improper breathing and not balancing the food intake and physical exercise.

I started practicing acupuncture and now I am in a position to cure persons having chronic disease like diabetics, blood pressure, back pain, knee pain, sinus, ulcer, fatty liver, kidney stones, wheezing and so on.

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