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May 28, 2018
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Diabetes: Type II, Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Having to retire from teaching early because of pain in knees so severe, I was falling in the classroom and unable to walk kids to the playground.  I then started dropping teacher textbooks because of pain in fingers.  After retiring, things became worse.  I started passing out and found out my heart was damaged. A year later, i started passing out and became incontinent.  I also had the thrush.  My Dr. told me I had a bladder infection. I told him my Kidneys were in trouble but he said no. A nurse told me to get to the ER  ASAP.  I  was then diagnosed with on set Diabetes with sugar level of 947. My Kidneys were damaged.   I made a choice right then to research for myself and found how switching to a plant based diet would change things.  I was then diagnosed with Rheaumatoid Arthritis ans Lupus and was put on meds which included steroids.  Also, my husband and son were both pre-Diabetic.  


One Month out of the hospital and eating a whole Foods Plant Based Diet and taken off the steroids, I was slowly being taken off of Diabetes meds. and my Kidneys corrected themselves.  I started making my own wild yeast and baking my own bread.  Two months later,  I was taken off all Diabetes medications.  My pain in my joints decreased approx. 70%.   Both my husband and son were no longer prediabetic.  I was able to manage pain by meditation.   My heart is still damaged but I no longer pass out.  I was alive again.  All my friends told me I looked alive! The autoimmune diseases effect every joint in my body but I am able to cook, garden, shop, go to Church, etc.   I am alive.  Still learning about food but feeling better

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My Advice: 

Do not be hard on yourself.   The food market in America is designed for U.S. Citizens to be addicted to processed foods. the goals are to reverse Diabetes II and to be healthy.     

I.  Switch to Whole Foods, Plant Based diet. This means to shop in the produce section of your grocer. Look at your basket before you go to the check outs.  90% of what is in your basket should be fresh produce. The other 10% should be beans, rice, nuts, and grains.    

II. Stop watching the scale.  Instead of weighing in, watch how your clothes fit.  It is more important to lose inches than to lose weight.

III. Reward yourself for each hurdle you cross.  Only you can make you truly happy and at peace.  Do not depend on others.You have complete power over your health.

IV.  Do your own research on eating healthy.  Spread the word.  Let friends and family know your goals.  You will be surprised who will join you 

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