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June 28, 2019
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Bells Palsy

Hadleigh acupuncture and wellness was my first experience of acupuncture. I got in touch after coming down with bells palsy ( facial paralysis on my left side of my face) and hearing about the great benefits acupuncture could offer someone like me. From the first appointment, Ben was understanding and kind about my condition, he clearly explained everything and put me at ease. We did distall acupuncture and some electro-acupuncture in my face. We kept videos and photos and the results really do speak for themselves! I truly believe not only did it make me feel mentally better but that without it my recovery would have been much slower and I wouldn't be smiling today! The needles I could barely feel and if anything I felt relaxed once they were in. I highly recommend visiting Ben and finding out what he could do for you!

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