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August 29, 2018
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I was on Prilosec for 3 months before my endoscopy and it showed Gastrititis.  It started in March and I feel like I've now been feeling good for the last 3 weeks. I'm off protonix and carafate. Occasionally using zantac. So, it did take me 8 months of trying different medicines as well as pretty strict diet.

My doctor prescribed  Calafate/sucralfate along with 2 omprazole daily and it's made a world of difference for me! Also drinking chamomile tea daily and have incorporated meditation. Also, the carafate 3x daily gave me relief after 2 days of use.

I was on liquid carafate for 3 months along with protonix...I really believe my healing began when the carafate was added. ( I'd been only ppis for the 5 months before that with little progress.) A month ago I stopped the carafate and slowly weaned off of protonix. There was some rebound, but it slowly went away. Now I'm eating most everything I want....but am hypersensitive to any 'off' feelings in my digestive tract and adjust my diet accordingly and sometimes take a zantac.

I think I'm healing....fingers crossed...I was symptomatic for 7 months and just in the last few days have been symptom free. The combination of stomach pain, cramping, chills, constipation, name it....really wears you down physically and emotionally. I pray all on this site get to where I am.


My Breakfast:

My go to breakfast is(gluten free cause it tastes just the same) oatmeal made with water & I add cinnamon, shredded apples, almond milk when it's done. Another is a smoothie made with almond milk, papaya, banana, cinnamon, honey, & a tbsp of almond butter & some ice. Lunches: chicken noodle soup, plain turkey sandwich on whole wheat, cut up melons, homemade red lentil squash soup (made with no dairy).I bought the dropping acid cookbook and there are some nice recipes I've husband & I both enjoy the things I've made. But they might be better if you're not in a middle of a flare.

I love smoothies...current fave is: lowfat plain yogurt( you don't need to use if you don't tolerate dairy), almond milk, sliced banana, frozen chunks of papaya, cinnamon, unsweetened almond butter, honey, spinach leaves. Quite tasty. Home roasted chicken, salmon or cooked in a bit of olive oil or ghee, oatmeal, rices, homemade chicken noodle soup, homemade butternut squash/red lentil soup. But I am on the upside of feeling good. I do stay away from dairy, tomatoes, cherries, coffee, wine.

Smoothie made with unsweetened almond milk, plain unflavored yogurt, honey, cinnamon, papaya, banana; chicken & rice soup with chopped carrots, fresh parsley; oatmeal made with water, almond milk, cinnamon, a bit of brown sugar, chopped banana or apples (if you tolerate apples); salmon seasoned with turmeric & salt lightly sautéed in coconut oil served with brown rice & sautéed zucchini & carrots; chamomile tea with honey; baked potato with yogurt; scrambled egg whites with mushrooms, spinach & a bit of Parmesan.

My Lunch:

Chicken soup agreed with are a lot of it....I just used Swansons low sodium chicken broth, chopped carrots, some parsley for color and chopped chicken from baked or poached chicken breasts(or from a rotisserie chicken). I added noodles, but you could add rice if you don't tolerate gluten. I also added frozen green beans. Ate it with saltine crackers(again, if u tolerate gluten)


I've been brewing fennel tea with water in which I've simmered ginger slices and sweeten it with a bit of honey.

What do I stay away from?

Also, try and pay attention to fat intake...Fritos, doritos, cornbread are different a 'grain' than oatmeal and other whole grains like couscous, whole wheat breads and low fat/no fat added granolas, even rice which is easier to digest-but also a little binding, so be careful if you have constipation.

My Elimination Foods:

Eliminated coffee, tomato sauce, strawberries, alcohol, chocolate , fatty dairy, increased foods recommended on the drop acid diet. I still feel a little like a ticking time bomb because I have been pain free before having done nothing with my diet. Taking it one day at a time! You will get there!

Why do I want to share my story?

I am symptom free and my diet includes all foods that I ate before the gastritis. By January 2017 I was feeling normal..So, unlike so many others, I was only not well for about 10 months...but at the time it felt like forever.

If it inspires someone to keep the faith and continue to find a cure for themselves, absolutely. Please know, that unlike others who are battling serious chronic illnesses like Crohn's or celiac or colitis or a myriad of other very serious digestive issues, I truly only had gastritis and gerd. No ulcers or anything else like that. It did attack overnight, without warning which was perplexing. But that's the nature of the human body I guess!

I think I'm on the way to being 'healed'? 'in remission'....I have found that diligently watching my diet was THE biggest contributing factor to feeling better. It's the toughest piece of the puzzle to follow, but for me was the most effective.

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