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May 30, 2019
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I owe Doctor Q my sanity. I developed an intensely itchy rash that covered 90% of my body, and no one could figure out the cause. I saw a family Dr., 2 specialists, and a functional medicine Dr. prior to making an appointment with Doctor Q. All the previous doctors were stumped. One guy told me I was allergic to the sun (). I met Doctor Q by chance when I took my toddler in to see her for a cold. After watching how gentle, professional, kind, and genuinely interested in healing she was, I quickly made an appointment for my skin. At my appointment, she took the time to ask me questions, examine my skin, and hear out my endless complaints of itchiness and restless sleep. She suspected something awry in my gut so she sent me home to complete a stool test. The result came back and she found a clear infection in my gut along. This was all from ONE visit. I could NOT tell you how elated I was to have someone FINALLY tell me what the problem was! She wrote down what I needed to pick up from Sprouts (grapefruit seed extract....not some crazy prescription even!) to combat my gut infection. 6-8 weeks and I was fine again.

I love Doctor Q. I could write for another 10 paragraphs on why I love her for helping my toddler when she's not feeling well. I've referred many people to her and every single person comes back to me saying how they can't believe that a doctor can genuinely care about a patient and their wellbeing like she does

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