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May 30, 2019
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Heart Disease, Stroke
Naturopathic Medicine

I talked to Lilias Ahmeira about Mitochondrial Therapy in May 2017 and thought the HRV sounded fascinating so booked a consultation for me and my mum in July 2017.
Mum had a serious stroke in June 2016 but thankfully no paralysis, speech impediments, etc so we thought all ok. Her HRV results were alarming with her stress levels being extremely high and power levels in her cells being extremely low. Her readings indicated that she was at risk of imminent heart failure! Lilias was so concerned that she gave her some carnosine there and then. She put her on a course of supplements and the subsequent checkup readings showed some improvement.
Lilias was so caring and thoughtful that she would call me periodically just to check up on her. After a few months when the results didn't show a marked improvement she immediately arranged for a heart value and referral to a doctor practicing Mitochondrial Therapy. He recommended different dosages of the supplements. We have just come back from a checkup with that doctor and I am pleased to say that her stress index and power levels are now within the normal ranges which is a huge relief and in just over a year!
Without Lilias intervention, she would probably not be here today so I am so grateful to her for saving Mums life!

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