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February 28, 2020
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Anxiety Disorders

I highly recommend Ayurvaidya clinic to anyone seeking for the holistic treatment approach. Prior to coming to Kochi, I was interested in health tourism as I had certain chronic problems. Ayurveda clinic provides a hospitable and very reasonably priced treatments that are far more efficient and more gentle than any western medications and I tried before. I appreciated Ayurvaidyas personalized care and exceptional, result-oriented, approach. Apart from the very traditional classic Ayurvedic treatment plan that I received, the doctors willingly supplied me with fresh herbs according to the need (the herbs are collected according to certain Ayurvedic practices in order to provide the most potent healing effects). They exceeded my expectations by offering other arrangements such as pick-up and drop-off and providing Ayurvedic meals after each session (cooked in herbs). Also, the doctors responded to my other requests such as having Reiki sessions in the hospital and visiting other local places. After a few weeks I have seen an improvement in my conditions and I can certainly attribute this to the overall Ayurvedic experience at Ayurvaidya. Although it is a relatively new clinic, I can see it has a high potential, so thank you, doctors, for the good work and best of luck for the best Ayurvedic clinic in Kochi.

Ayurveda Doctor: Azda Ayurveda Hospital

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