Gabriel Marques
Energy Medicine
San Jose, California, United States
Years of experience 10

Total years in practice: 10

Published Date
June 27, 2018
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Member Story
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Hispanic or Latino
Patient Age
Allergies, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Heart Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Meditation, Nutrition, Yoga, Diet Therapy
Medical History

I had 2 open heart surgeries and suffered Insomnia, IBS, anxiety, depression, allergies and chronic fatigue.


Here is me in 2016.

What I did to get well:

A lot of people ask for some specifics about what I've done so I'll put it in here in an order of importance.

- 100% raw - high fruit, smoothies, Salads

- Daily juicing (+- 2 Litres; I never skipped one day in 16 months of juicing); whatever is in season and preferably organic (BEST: CITRUS & GRAPES)

- NO sulphur-rich foods: Garlic,onion,broccoli,cauliflower,kale,radish,turnip, etc

- Enemas (with water + 1/2 teaspoon Sea Salt)

- Herbs only if needed in the beginning for kidneys, adrenals and gut.

- Every other day I ate big salads after my stomach began to recover from Gastroparesis (Cucumber, tomatoes, avocados, peppers, lettuce, parsley, cilantro, celery, Zuccini, Alfalfa Sprouts, Coconuts; seasoned with aromatic herbs, orange juice and sea salt)

- Meditation

- Avoiding stressfull/toxic people and situations

- Listening to the body: Sometimes it asks to fast on juice for a few days, sometimes it asks for good fats, sometimes it asks to eat only hydrating fruit; On my journey my body would give me clear signs of what to do.

- Knowing and be aware that the body is in constant toxic waste dumping;

- Prayer/Faith and asking Angels in loud voice for help when needed;

- Controversial: B12 (sublingual in methyl & adenocobalamin form every other week)

The past 2 months I've regained some good weight (15kgs)... My lowest weight was 52kg; 1,80m. I am now 60kg since my stomach began to heal more. I am absorbing food and I am no longer as nauseous as before and my body is able to digest way more food as before.

I've added some Hemp&Pumpkin Seeds and some steamed Sweet Potatoes a few weeks ago because of convenience and because I want to test how I can handle some gentle cooked food. I still keep detoxing in spite of eating some cooked because I keep juicing lots of citrus during the morning and day. I drink in between meals. I don't follow a specific eating plan as long as I focus on raw eating & juicing.

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