Simon Dando
Functional Medicine
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August 30, 2018
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Diabetes: Type II
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As a type 2 I never tested for glucose. I was on metformin but now with the weight loss I don’t need any meds at all. So effectively have reversed my diabetes.



Having "reversed" my type 2 I am now within 4lbs of my goal in terms of weight. Even though I say it myself I'm beginning to look almost human. I have lost over 90 lbs and feel that I look like a human. This was last Christmas in 2017.

Secret of my Success Story:

There's no big secret, just very low carb, low calorie, increase exercise and sheer determination  I don't necessarily do a lot of high fat as I still am watching the calories but I do have full fat, milk, yoghurt, butter etc.. in measured doses.

You can do it too, you know you can.

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