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January 29, 2020
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Depression, Eczema, Sleep Disorders

Angie, you are truly a God sent angel!! You have worked with us for weeks now, our struggles, frustrations, tears, and sleepless nights..... I'm Destiny’s mom and she has eczema and had the biggest flair up as of the 4th of July weekend by getting sunburned... we have had sleepless nights for weeks, dry and tight skin, bleeding from the scratching, tightness that any sudden movement her skin would crack.... the overwhelming crying and watching your daughter endure and asking God please give it to me... Angie came recommended by a great mutual friend and we are so grateful to her for her educating us and anytime we needed her no matter what time it was she was there for us🙌🏽 something no doctor will ever do unless your paying ridiculous monies... Angie believes in what she does and showed us truth behind the process and as many times as I wanted to run to the doctors or emergency room I didn't and prayed and prayed along with my friends and family. 2 weeks ago Angie asked for labs and I was ready to fight with her doctor about it should he had said no but to God glory the happily worked with me and Angie was able to provide a better supplemental plan for Destiny! Her Derm doctor asked if she can just take prednisone to calm her down and after talking with Angie I decided to give Destiny the relief and she cleared up pretty quickly and when she completed the dosing 2 days later we are worse and now she’s crying and Angie told us to get strict on her diet NO Gluten, egg, milk, cheese, and yogurt and we started to see a difference but she still wasn’t sleeping and so this Sunday Destiny woke up scratching at 3 am and we took her to the ER only for the doctor to disregard her supplements and kind of blame them for her reaction and gave her Decadron and Benadryl and so I allowed it and he sent her home with a script for Atarax, Prednisone (once again), and Benadryl. I prayed and asked God what should I do and so he said don't give any of the 2 meds and give her Benadryl only at night so she can rest and heal. So I did exactly that and so last night and the night before she received Benadryl and the miracle we woke up to this morning was so JOYFUL!!! Praise report is she never stopped taking her supplements, slept well, no redness, no bleeding, and itching has reduced a lot!! Our next task is getting her skin not to be as dry and scaly😊 for that Angie has already implemented a plan and we are so ready!!! Angie thank you for your gift to heal and the compassion to serve!! You're amazing!!!

Nutritionist: Bright Path Fitness & Wellness Center

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