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February 29, 2020
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Fly into Mumbai (4hrs) or Pune (1 1/2hrs) and Kare will arrange a transfer for you
This is my second visit to Kare and I had promised myself that I would come back every year but life always has other plans. If you are looking for very personal yoga and ayurvedic destination then this is a great place. It is run by a husband and wife team and there are many members of staff and doctors to help you. I came here for a complete detox to help with my arthritis. It's set in a very tranquil setting with stunning views overlooking lake Mulchi. I don't think you could do this type of retreat in a town as you would have too many temptations and distractions.
The rooms are simple and basic but clean with hot running water. On arrival, you have a consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor. Every morning you are woken up at 0630 with herbal tea and then yoga starts at 7 am. This is Iyengar yoga and props are used to help you maintain the correct pose. On day 3 you feel as though your muscles are in agony and every single one is crying out. By day 4 you feel stronger and are able to twist your body into a better pose. Yoga lasts for 2 hours and is finished with a prayer. You then head for your individual treatment. If you are prudish then leave your dignity behind, as you are massaged from top to toe wearing only a small loincloth. I also have a mixture of dried herbs rubbed all over my body and then you are put into a steam closet for 15 minutes. Lunch is at one o'clock and they serve vegetarian food that suits your body type 'pitta dosha' or 'Vata dosha etc. Everything is very fresh and clean tasting. You are then free until 3 when yoga starts again. This is a relaxing yoga where you hold the pose for 15 minutes at a time. After there is another treatment at 4 pm, which could be numerous types of massage depending on your ailments. Dinner is at 7 and then bed at around 8.

Wifi is very limited
I would advise that you download some podcasts before you arrive here as if you are having a complete detox and ghee is being taken every day, then you will have a few days of feeling weak and tired. There is a television in your room and a library on the grounds.

The yoga is really excellent and the teachers have been practicing for years and years. The massage therapists have also been here for a while and are very strong with their massages

You are not really able to leave the Centre (there isn't really anywhere to go) so bring books etc. I walked up to the temple twice a day as I didn't need a guide to escort me here. The temple is 3 kms away and a 300m climb up the mountain. The views are astonishing and it's incredibly peaceful up there - a great work out too!
As I am a female, they strongly advise that you don't walk down along the lake or out of the grounds of Kare alone.

The first time I was here I did a 7 day detox and this time opted for the 10 day ghee detox. It's tough, you feel very queasy halfway through but extremely energized on your 'happy day'. At the end of 10 days your skin is healthier, your hair softer and you feel so much better than when you walked in - shedding some kilos is a bonus too
This is a medical Centre, not a resort - you come here to go away again feeling stronger, healthier and incredibly relaxed. It is also a great place to come and relax for a short stay

The whole program sets you straight for the future and makes you reassess your lifestyle.
They also do a full diet consultation during your stay
I would thoroughly recommend this Centre mainly because it is small and very personable.
The staff are very attentive, kind, smiley and want to make sure that your stay with them is special and bespoke to you.
You can have extra treatments in the spa area, a manicure, etc, cookery lessons and a guide can take you walking in the evenings.
If you know your 'birds' there are hundreds of different types and some stunning species (it's worth bringing some binoculars)

Do your homework to make sure that this is for you and then book it!!!

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