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January 29, 2020
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome PCOS

I had been battling PCOS for more than 2 years before I consulted Ayushakti. With 5 years in marriage, we wanted to have a baby. Due to irregular periods and other issues planning baby was really difficult. It's different kind of trauma a woman's body has to go through. It can literally drain you emotionally, I was in no different state. I went through allopathy treatment, took pills to get periods on time, took pills to reduce the period flow, took pills to reduce the pain and so on. Nothing stopped. Allopathy has a solution for nearly everything but my body was just not supporting it.

One of my colleagues in the office had lost a lot of weight, and I checked with her. She told me about the PCOS issue she was having and informed mine about the ayurvedic treatment she went through which helped her reduce as well. Following her advice, I visited the nearest Ayushakti clinic, which was in Thane.

Fixed up an appointment with Dr. Ashwini Borate. On the very first day, I actually got a very positive vibe, I was very positive about the whole thing. Though the pregnancy was not the issue we wanted to resolve, we wanted to work at the root cause, getting periods regularised, and that is how the Ayushakti journey started.

After getting periods regular for two cycles, Dr suggested a panchakarma treatment. Though at the start I thought about whether it is really required. After a lot of thinking, I said yes and went ahead. It was a turning point in my life. It had a very positive impact on my life, I was more happy, feeling more light. Not only I lost weight but I felt a lot more confident a lot more healthy a lot more positive and happy. I knew this time ...everything is going to fall in place.

It was only a month and I had not even completed the full treatment I got to know I am pregnant. In fact, when I missed my period, I visited Dr. Borate again complaining that the periods are delayed. Dr checked my naadi and asked me to get a pregnancy test done. I took it very lightly and in fact delayed the test by 1 day. The next day I got the test done and it came out positive.

That feeling cannot be put in words :)

20th Nov 2016, was the day I clearly remember. My pregnancy was the best phase of my life, I have never felt so healthy so energetic and so positive. 9 months passed by and on 4th July 2017, my son Aryan weighing 4.25 kg was born :)

From that day and today ... I owe a lot to Ayushakti and Dr. Ashwini Borate

Thanks to your mam and I wish you all the best. God bless you with everything that you ask her .. as you have filled happiness in so many lives.

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