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September 08, 2018
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In late 2010, I  started to experience painful stabbing sensations in my abdomen whenever I ate and lost one and a half stone in weight quite rapidly.  I got the scan done in my doctor office and was diagnosed with

60 x 50 x 54 mm tumour in my liver that was strangulating my bile duct tubes. The doctor expressed his concern and shared that he hadn’t seen this type of tumor for a woman my age and I had a bad situation. He recommended sleeping tablets. I was completely shattered by the news and went out and bought good bye cards for my friends and family. Furthermore the doctor confirmed that tumors in the liver were usually aggressive and prognosis for survival is very low.

After losing our parents to cancer, my husband had been involved in lot of research in alternative medicine and natural therapies.


My husband assured me that everything will be fine and decided to take charge of the situation. He put me on fresh, local, raw, live organic vegetables and some fruits that served to alkalize the body. We found ways to oxygenate the body and we took out foods and drinks that are well renowned to feed cancer. Our strategy was to wreck the environment that cancer needed to thrive through my two and a half years of research that my husband and I had been undertaking. We also created an efficient digestive system and detoxified the body including the cleaning of the waste elimination system – Colon, liver and parasite cleanse as a vital part of the armory.

We included certain supplements, herbs, choice fruits and special bitter foods that were renowned as being incredibly anti-cancerous and supportive to the liver. The pains subsided and I began to get better and slowly put back on weight.

Subsequent scans and visits to the hospital which commenced six weeks into our nutritional therapy confirmed that the once 60 x 50 x 54mm tumor as seen on the original scan was now gone, leaving only ‘scar tissue’. The three smaller growths on the pancreas were still there but the second oncologist suggested that if we did not want to proceed with biopsies and they were not bothering me, then they would just monitor the situation and for me to come back if we found any cause for concern.

To labor the point, because I cannot get enough of saying it, the tumor is now totally gone and as the final oncologist we saw told us “only scar tissue of the tumor is left remaining”, The fact that scar tissue is remaining tells us also that it was not misdiagnosed, it was not a mix up in scans, the scar tissue is left remaining from a very real, sizeable and dangerous tumor.

May God richly bless you as he blessed and looked after us throughout this dark time in our lives.

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