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August 30, 2018
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I was diagnosed with Mild Gastritis on December 5th, 2017. Put on a PPI of 20mg twice per day, given the diet, and thanks to this group have picked up a lot of info that helped me a lot. At times I've stayed on the diet faithfully for a month at a time (I know, not long enough), my doc seems to think my condition is not bad enough to make long term and massive changes (she's clearly wrong) and it's why I've had two full on returns.

Well, the last two weeks it's been swallowing issues that have plagued me. No pain, but the area of swallowing is tender, even to the touch, my left ear became sensitive again, and there's even discomfort in my neck. However, my PH levels are between 7.0-7.4 now. When looking at lists of Gastritis Symptoms, I no longer have any of the symptoms, when looking at the list of Esophagitis Symptoms, I have most of them.

I’ve been on Omeprazole (20 mg twice a day) for nearly 9 months now. Twice I’ve weaned down to one Omeprazole in the morning and one Zantac at night but eventually (usually 2 weeks) my body just gets overrun. I can’t deal with the dry mouth anymore, and I’m worried about the long term effects.

I have a diagnosis of mild chronic gastritis, it was caused by being on an NSAID for a month, followed by two weeks of Oral Steroids, previously I was on aspirin and Advil (I ruptured my hip flexors two years ago and damaged my vagus nerve—still battling with it) before that. I have no gastritis pain, I don’t ever feel acid in my throat, my ears have healed, my esophagus has healed, through my swallow is still an issue. My GI doc gave me the standard no chocolate, tomatoes, onions, mint, coffee/tea, licorice thing, but I’ve found that wasn’t enough (she also put me on omezaparol, 20 mg twice a day).

I went scrambling in facebook groups to understand different types of diet.



You really need to do the diet, exercise, mental health care, the supplements for at least 6-8 MONTHS, and change your lifestyle, if not longer, make sure you get past better, past remission, and get back to being healed.

I'm about to commit to 6 months of the Acid Watcher Diet, go full-tilt on the extras (just dropped $90 on refilling my supplement stash), and follow it to the T, as well as just scheduled a meeting with a new GI doc. Scared of that Esophagus Tube Test thing, but thinking that I need to be treating this as Esophagitis and not Gastritis.

I would definitely dispute that Paleo is the best, or even a good diet for Gastritis. Granted, everybody is different, but when even the people who wrote the various Acid Watchers books are now saying that a Vegan Diet is best for gastritis (which is why they updated their books with so many new Vegan recipes). There is a lot of evidence on how tough meat and eggs and cheese are on the digestive system, and the dominant medical research these days on the benefits of a Greens and Grains Diet vs High Fat/Low Carb, side with the former, not the latter.

Again, it's your body and everybody is different, but I would never recommend a Paleo or High Fat diet to a person with gastritis. At the very least, follow the Acid Watcher Diet, especially her newer books, they work wonders.

I've done Vegan (Forks Over Knives style), Vegetarian (eggs and cheese) and Pescetarian (fish, eggs, cheese and dairy) in the 8 months I've had Gastritis, and the only times I've gotten better and the symptoms vanished and conditioned improved, is on the FOK Vegan diet. To take the pressure of your digestion and eat clean, organic foods, is so much kinder on the body.

Any advice:

Be gentle in yourself, give the body the time it needs to heal, the time to change your lifestyle and life, and even then give yourself the room to accept that you won’t be the way you once were, but it’s okay, the new you might not be able to eat onion rings again, but the new You is a lot stronger than the old you.

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