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June 29, 2018
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Acne, Arthritis, Depression, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
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Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, been through the war and lots of stress as a child, got every single antibiotic on market and every expired date vaccine they were 'donating' to our poor country, inherited genetic weaknesses for food intolerances, ate crap and finally, when I was 16 had a serious car crash which I somehow survived but it slowly kept killing me. All the pills and chemicals they put in me, 4 hours of bone surgery, 5 kg of titanium bars in my flesh, emotional trauma and fear. Body remembers everything. And by 25 it let me down. It was impossible to wake up anymore, or to get a job, although I somehow finished Master's degree in Accounting and Finance. Life was frustrating. Lots of brain fog, pain, body deformation and depression. Also to mention was in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in 2009 and before coming got many immunization and probably there picked up so mansty parasites as well.


5 years ago in 2013, on this date, I decided to become 80/10/10 fruit based raw vegan. Night before that I ate 2 big oil baked fishes alone and had horrible heartburn that I couldn't sleep and I cried all night. Yes I was no carb, and low carb, I followed anti-candida diet, Body Ecology Diet, GAPS diet, FODMAP diet, I was gluten free and dairy free, drank Hydrogen peroxide, turpentine, doing vitamin C therapy, magnesium oil, castor oil, triphala, baking soda, DE, oregano oil and all the possible magical things that I have red about. I was sick for too long that at this point I decided to 'GET HEALTHY OF DIE TRYING'. Nothing mattered, anymore. I was suffocating in my physical and emotional pain. How could it get to this? 


 Night before becoming raw vegan, after I cried all the tears out, I told myself that nothing is worth suffering, I gotta let everything go and start from the scratch. Following morning I found very inspiring videos from Kristina Fully Raw and also how fruit diet cures candida. It was completely opposite from everything I ever red, but I felt it’s right and decided to try.


5 YEARS AFTER EATING MOSTLY FRUITS, I can say that many ‘incurable’ diseases are behind me. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, arthritis, severe swelling and inflammation, huge water retention, bloating and stomach pain, constipation, heart palpitations, brain fog, memory loss, adrenal fatigue, hairloss, horrible acne, cysts in kidney, thyroid and leg; stomach ulcers, constants flues, asocial behaviour, almost autistic, nightmares, fears, shivering, excessive sweating, panic attacks, poor circulation, insulin resistance, wounds than don't heal, mouth sores, beginning of paradentosis, nail fungus...are just to name some. When I think of this, I feel so grateful, how far I've come. I spent days and nights on computer looking for a cure. I red every single book and every article I could of find, looking for missing parts of the puzzle. But it all paid off. I healed myself, and I’ve become and expert in this area and a Certified Detox Specialist with my greatest guru, Dr. Morse. I feel my purpose is to spread the knowledge and inspire people to make their lives better.


I know some of you might been suspicious of this way of living, BUT EATING FRUITS GAVE ME A NEW CHANCE TO LIVE the life I always wanted, to love myself and to be calm and kind to others, to spread the knowledge and joy of living! 

I’m very tankful to everyone that shared their story and inspired me on my journey.


For those of you, who are hopeless, trust me, body can heal everything! And remember, all the power of universe is inside you! YOU TOO can be happy, reach your full potential, have a dream body, and live the life with purpose! Stay strong! Much love and hugs,



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