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August 02, 2019
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Rheumatoid Arthritis
Functional Medicine

Dr. Tuchinsky gave me my life back. I have had health issues dating back to 1987 when I first got Rheumatoid Arthritis. The fatigue was overwhelming!! Enbrel made my Arthritis better in 2000 but shortly after that, I was diagnosed with bipolar and hypothyroidism. This past year I pretty much just slept away with absolutely no energy even though I was getting good treatment for all the illness I had. When I read about Dr. Tuchinsky's seminar at a local restaurant, on Facebook, I signed up and researched Dr. Tuchinsky in advanced and he has great reviews. He has been treating over 30,000 people in the 38 years he has been in practice. His treatment is unique. I literally felt better in 3 days and amazing after the first 3 weeks!! My family and friends had been skeptical but my energy is at a peak and I feel as great as I did before Arthritis when I was only 28!! And, as a result of his way of eating I gave up the caffeinated soda I was addicted to for energy and I don't ever think about drinking it anymore!! Thank you so much Dr. Tuchinsky for giving me my life back!!!

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Florida Functional Medicine Dr. David Tuchinsky, DC 

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