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September 19, 2019
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression
Naturopathic Medicine

Sounds melodramatic but Dr Ben literally saved my life. How could I have possibly known that bio identical hormones could do what it did to me! I understand now that I had a perfect storm going on but had it not been for Dirty Genes, I think I would have committed suicide. I was so incredibly sick....kept telling my husband I felt like someone was poisoning me and wished it would just be done. I had GI problems so bad that water made my throat burn, my hair was falling out, the fatigue was indescribable, depression and a feeling that I was dying and so many other things. I knew when I started reading that it had something to do with COMT and the estrogen. Within 4 days FOUR FREAKING DAYS of quitting my GI problems were 75% better and fatigue was 50% better. I can't thank you enough!!!

Dr Ben Lynch Naturopathic Medicine

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