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June 28, 2019
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Imagine an edible facial? Chickpeas flour with ground organic rose petals as a facial? What a way to pamper and love yourself. I tried this natural exfoliating facial with Bill. It was heavenly, peaceful and relaxing. It softens your skin and gives it a glow. The facial mask ingredients get costumed mixed for you, for your needs at the moment.
The mask mixture gets applied to your face, a steamer emits steam onto your face to allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. In the meantime, Bill will massage your feet with a scrub, which is the most tingling sensation. My overall experience with this latest, greatest, Ananada Ayurveda treatment is the perfect pampering facial, after a long busy week. Give it a try and then look in the mirror the next day. You will like what you see. Thank you again Bill.

Ayurveda Doctor: Ananda Ayurveda Wellness & Yogalish

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