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August 30, 2018
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I have suffered from Duodenal Ulcer, Chronic Gastritis, Belching etc many years, I got my first bout of Ulcer & blood vomiting in 2005,in my final year of Graduation. After that the ulcer kept recurring after every 1-2 years. Later my digestion became so poor due to prolonged use of Nexium that i couldn't eat anything other then Porridge or boiled rice/ veggies. I was an active member here since last 3 years. I had been given every Allopathic medicine by different doctors from reputed hospitals of Delhi. Like Anti depressants, Antacids, Antibiotics, Manuka Honey, Gels like sucralfate, L Glutamine, Pepzin GI, digestive enzymes etc. I still tested positive for H Pylori after taking loads of antibiotics. I was fed up as all these gave temporary relief only, so I started to search for options in Alternative medicine. I tried Ayurveda & Siddha treatment first, as its the traditional system of herbo mineral drugs. Being in existence since thousands of years in Indian subcontinent.



I started to research on Ayurvedic treatments for gastritis & Ulcer patients. I met a Practitioner, who gave me some Panch karma therapy with medicines & within 2 weeks, first time in many years i felt considerable relief in the pain after eating food. The Gnawing pain in the morning also reduced. The medicine gave me great relief. The doctor used the miracle drug for curing Gastritis - "Sootashekhar Ras" with some other herbal supplements. Its an Ayurvedic medicine which is extensively used by Vaidyas across the country to treat Gastrointestinal disease like reflux, ulcer, acidity, gastritis etc. It contains Mercury in safe proportion. I was too scared about poisoning side effects. But i researched more about it and found it safe proved by number of scientific research papers. There have been very few reported incidents of Lead /mercury poisoning earlier, but those r due to self medication by users. Now the govt has regulated the production quality of these Ayurvedic Pharmacies. Also there r many reputed multi billion dollar companies in india manufacturing & supplying these drugs, with impeccable safety records.

For safety concerns please read this detailed answer on Quora - Does ayurvedic medicine have any side effects? by Ashu…/…/Ashu-155…

Now after a year of 2 repeat courses of Ayurvedic Medicine. I am fully healed & can eat almost anything which i missed since many years. My appetite has grown back & Thankfully I got my life back.

If you are suffering from Gastritis issues, (eating disability I call it). I will suggest everyone to try Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine named Avipattikar Powder, it surely helped me. Has anyone else tried it? The following Ayurvedic meds r centuries old time tested for Gastritis treatment in India. We have seen so many different supplements & meds, from PPIs, H2 blockers, Antacids, costly diagnostic tests, painful flares etc we have seen it all. So if you have lost all hopes try these too once, it will surely help, There are many Ayurvedic companies from India offering these meds all over world. The biggest company Patanjali Ayurveda is now pegged at market value of $3.6 Billion recently. To my surprise these meds are cheapest, easily available & I found them so late. I was suffering from more than 3 years with Ulcers, Gastritis, duodenitis, I tried everything from zinc carnosine to slippery elm to Prebiotics, ppi, Zantac, Antibiotics, antidepressants etc. Then i tried Avipattikar mixed with below mentioned herbs. I feel lot of relief now.

Another way to improve the digestion is to stimulate the agni, or digestive fire, before we begin eating. Weak digestive agni may result in fatigue or bloating after eating, so ayurveda recommends eating a one-inch piece of fresh ginger with a few drops of lemon juice and a few pinches of salt on it before a full meal. This starts to activate the salivary glands, producing the necessary enzymes so that the nutrients in the food are easily absorbed by the body.

Balancing your digestive agni is a key principle in ayurvedic medicine. That's why ayurveda recommends a number of general practices for better digestion. Digestive agni can be compared to a burning fire. If the flame is very low, then it will take a long time to cook the food. In the same way, if the fire is too big it can burn the food. If we put a huge log on a low fire, it will extinguish it. Our digestive fires should be balanced so that we can digest our meals efficiently and smoothly.

I successfully weaned off them, start Ranitidine/ Zantac in place of PPIs. Those are milder & less side effects. After 2 weeks or so take it on alternative days. then replace it with a herbal supplement known as Amalaki made of Indian Gooseberry. It's the richest source of Vitamin C & many other antioxidants.

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