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September 18, 2019
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I have been going to PIHMA since it opened off and on. About a year ago, I was experiencing a big health challenge. I was feeling not grounded and I had serious respiratory and digestive issues. I have dealt with anxiety my whole life, and I was not dealing well with several losses that had occurred in my life either. I starting getting acupuncture every week, and have now been going for a year and a half. I have seen several different students, all of which were right and perfect for me as I was seeing them. It took a while, at first, to notice the difference, but each week, I feel better and better. Everyone there is so professional and knowledgeable and accommodating. Each person I have seen has brought a unique and valuable approach to my life. I have had to do my part, because in the Eastern tradition healing is about us doing what we need to do to heal, vs. taking something to "heal" us. If I had to pick only one healing modality in the world, and that would be hard for me, I would pick acupuncture. And PIHMA is the place I would choose to go. �

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