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January 02, 2020
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I'm super happy with Gilles. I've been sick for 15 years without knowing and I had surgery 2 years ago. Because I've been walking with this for so long, I was literally sucked into energy. Because you've had 2 surgeries and no more energy, you get a lot of physical complaints. It's been 2,5 years and I've tried a lot of things in the alternative care in the between time, so as to support my body as much as possible. There are several experienced people on my path (or I came on their path :P) and many have certainly contributed to improving complaints and energy. We've only been at Gilles for 2 months now, but I already noticed a lot of improvement. I went every week for a while because I really needed a boost and I had it :-) I haven't felt as good since 2,5 years as now!! The part will come because I already recovered more Ben, but I'm 100 % sure the boost really comes since I'm in treatment with Gilles. I have been increasingly aware of my body over the years and I notice that I just have fewer physical complaints and more energy. Which is really delicious, because I'm always tired. More energy and fewer complaints mean more enjoyment and I am and I am very grateful to Gilles that he has been able to help me in combi with the Chinese herbs. If you're in doubt whether or not you will go to Gilles then, I hope I can give the last push to do it anyway. He is not a wizard and you have to take good care of yourself, but if you take good care of yourself in combi with his treatments then I am convinced that you are going to feel better. Gilles Super thanks. You are doing very grateful work and I am very happy with you.

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