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June 29, 2019
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Muscloskeletal Pain

I doubt that I can do justice to my actual feelings and gratitude to Pili in a review, but I feel as though I need to try to share with others what Pili has done for me.

I've spent the better part of 30 years chasing care for my body. I've lived a life of sports, farm work, and the general tough life that Alaska can throw at you. I've seen an endless list of providers. During that time I've found a handful of good chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists who have helped an issue when I've gone to them with an acute problem or specific information about something that was manifesting in my body. I continued to see many of those same good ones for maintenance, but always felt as though I had hit the ceiling with what they could offer my body in terms of healing.

Then I met Pili. A visit with Pili will be unlike anything that most people have ever experienced. She asks a lot of questions. Questions that can leave you wondering why on earth that would be pertinent to the pain that your feeling in X location in your body. Her keen observations, coupled with her unmatched ability to explain a motion or position that she is asking you to do in a way that actually makes sense work together with the information that she is asking of you to share after checking in with your body. With all of that, she goes to work.

Pili's knowledge of the human body is unlike anything that I have every experienced. Her understanding of the muscular system is impressive enough, but it goes beyond that. She has done visceral work on me as well as given attention to scar tissue. As my treatment with her has progressed, I've come to see it as her unravelling my issues, one layer at a time. Issues that I had resigned myself to believing were permanent. Her intuitive touch guides her work as she addresses problem areas and works to integrate it back into my being in a new and harmonious way. In truth, she has facilitated healing and empowered me to aide in that process in a way that is nothing short of life changing.

My path to wellness is freeing. And I will forever be grateful to Pili for her support and guidance.


Acupuncturist: Advanced Healing Arts

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