Habibah Ahmed
Atherton, California, United States
Years of experience 25

Total years in practice: 25

Published Date
July 05, 2018
Study Type
Member Story
Patient Sex
Patient Ethnicity
African American
Patient Age
Women's Health and Pregnancy
Exercise, Diet Therapy
Medical History

As an Allopathic Doctor, I have always trusted that pharmaceutical drugs would take care of my sick patients. That is, until I got sick myself. I had been diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst that kept growing and growing,"You know we're going to have to do open surgery to fix this," bellowed my gynecologist, friend, and colleague. I had 8cm x 12 cm big cyst floating all over my uterus.



I shuddered at the thought of going under anesthesia, of the possible complications, conditions I am all to familiar with in practice. Then I consulted with my aunt,  she herself had a cyst, I made that important international call and she told me her neighbor gave her some lettuce tea and turmeric tea for three months and that's what worked for her, along with Pilates and most importantly, according to her, cutting out caffeine.

Encouraging Words

Within 3 three weeks of starting this life changing journey, I saw a difference, no longer was I bloated, cramping, or moody all the time. I felt like a 20 year old again. I had energy and I felt awake in the morning, instead of tired as soon as I got up.

I made the appointment with the radiologist and when the day arrived, I went home quite happy. The cyst had shrunk to 3cm x 2cm, changed its appearance, she even said, maybe the first ultrasound was misinterpreted. Yes! I was happy and elated with joy.

Excercise Description

Pilates is what worked for me. After I got off the phone with my aunt, I went onto the internet, and gathered every single link I could find on Pilates, I started with the toughest maneuvers first. The 'hundreds' were my favorite. I did them every night for weeks.

Treatment Description

I did as she told me to. First to go was my morning cup of coffee, then my morning dose of sugar in that coffee. I quickly cut out all sources of caffeine from my diet, including ice tea, energy drinks, and certain candy.

Then, came the hardest part, dairy, it was everywhere! No more pancakes, no more Alfredo, no yogurt. I went cold turkey on this aspect of the diet and let me tell you, it was worth it.

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