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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
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July 05, 2018
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Diabetes: Type I
Exercise, Diet Therapy
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The story of Diabetes is not new. These days at least one individual in your close circle of family or friends will have Type I or II and most of us will have heard various health organizations worldwide warning against the rising counts of Obesity and Diabetes Type II.

My story is a little different. I was around nine years old and my family and I were going to take a trip overseas, somewhere in Africa as far as I can recollect, so we needed to take various vaccines to ensure we didn’t pick up any bugs while abroad.

Midway through the trip I became increasingly thirsty and started urinating frequently especially during the night. My appetite didn’t increase, neither did I drop much weight but I became increasingly fatigued. I was a pretty active child with boundless energy so the constant fatigue was a worrying factor for my mother. As far as we know Type I Diabetes is not hereditary but my first cousin on my father’s side had picked it up on her 9th or 10th birthday as well.

My parents cut the trip short and upon our return I was taken to see my pediatrician. My mother asked him whether i could have Diabetes like my cousin and he said it was extremely unlikely...but he did the relevant test anyway as my mother would not let up.

We found out a few days later that I did indeed have it, the physician mentioned the vaccine I had taken might have “gone off” i.e. preservative had malfunctioned and my immune system had attacked the infection including my pancreas. The first diabetic specialist I saw misdiagnosed the Diabetes - he put me on a regimen of 2 shots a day morning and evening. I was continually sick for a year, glucose levels were sky high and i had a few hospital episodes. My mother decided to change physicians and the next one said i had been using the wrong type of insulin. To my family’s immense sadness and heartache the 2-shots a day became 4 because of the damage that had been done. 3 short-acting and 1 long-acting shot per day every day for the rest of my life.

I now control the program I’m on where if i eat anything with carbs I will take some insulin.


Encouraging Words
It is never too late to pull yourself together. Never let this condition drag you down, as long as you breathe you have a chance to fulfill your destiny however great or small it may be.
Diabetes gives YOU the chance to not only make a difference in your life but in the world around you through better eating (organic, free-range) and overall better living. 

Excercise Description
I’ve loved sports since I was a small child and had actively taken part in Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Equestrian and more recently Rugby. As a Health, Fitness and Wellness professional I have a better idea on how to work my body but, like most people out there, I also tend to feel lazy at times. As someone living with Type I Diabetes, working out with weights is more beneficial than cardio alone. If i had to pick 1 over the other I would pick weights because the health benefits are numerous:
* Like Yoga, Weight Training has a calming effect on the mind.
* Bone Density Increases
* Better control of Stress Levels and Eating Habits
* Your chances of a Heart attack or Stroke by 15 and 40 % respectively
* Increase in Cognitive Function 
* Drop body fat % and gain a better body shape

The trick is to find out what combination / ratio works best for you. 

Treatment Description
I have over the years learnt much about nutrition and anatomy. Common sense however is something that occasionally escapes us at times and I have had more than my fair share of stupid moments. I have issues with food where, if I’m upset or having a down day I tend to “munch” and since I know myself I try not to keep any junk food around me
I only eat organic and free-range so I am lucky in the sense that fast food in general is something I will not touch - ever. I have seen first hand the cruelty exhibited by the mass agriculture and farming industry and it disturbed me to the point where I still hear the screams and cries of the creatures as they are kicked around, stamped on etc. It is expensive but I make the choice to live a more ethical life - no one is perfect but if we all try to be a better version of ourselves, we can make a huge difference together.

I also have low blood pressure; and for a time during my early 20s i tried going vegetarian. That didn’t last long as I am also anaemic and the iron supplements were not working.

Diabetes is a difficult condition, we all fail here and there. The point is to never let yourself go so badly that coming back is out of the question.
Your life is in your hands, some of us are lucky enough to get second chances via wake-up calls. don't let yours slip by.
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