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Ayurveda Treatments For Acne

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Acne is caused due to excessive production of oil in the sebaceous glands. This excess results in the blockage of hair follicles. Ayurveda has many several natural approaches that might help control acne. In Ayurveda, acne is known as 'Yauvan Pidika,' and is thought to be a manifestation of an aggravated Pitta dosha. Besides your face, acne may affect shoulders and your spine area, also.

There are three primary doshas, according to Ayurveda (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), and good health is regarded as a perfect state of equilibrium between these three doshas. Acne is reported to be an aggravation of pitta dosha, which functions under the skin and contributes to heated toxins, further breaking out as acne. To keep acne at bay, an individual needs to adopt a pitta-pacifying diet. Those who see regular outbreaks of acne should avoid hot and fermented foods. Heavily salty and fried foods ought to be also best avoided. In Ayurveda, skin problems are regarded as an imbalance of the doshas, the three constitutions around which Ayurveda is based. Surface treatments alone will not eliminate acne causes, and that's why Ayurvedic approaches include diet and lifestyle changes.

It's essential for your digestion to work properly. Ensuring that toxins do not build-up, and avoiding foods that may increase inflammation can help.

How Your Dosha Affects Your Skin

- A Vata imbalance can create blackheads. Dryness in the body can lead to an overproduction of oil, clogging the skin.

- A pitta imbalance can lead to inflammation and toxins to accumulate, leading to red, painful pimples.

- A Kapha imbalance can create cystic acne because of excessive dampness in the body.

Four Tips for Healthier Skin: Eat more green veggies. If you experience problems with your skin, Ayurveda suggests reducing salty, hot, and sour foods, because they may increase inflammation and heat in the body, aggravating pitta. She says, eat more bitter, astringent vegetables, such as asparagus, collard greens, dandelion greens, and kale.

Staying hydrated with a minimum of six glasses of water a day is the general rule for good health and is very good for the skin.

Make sure that your skin cleanser is absolute. Some makeup creams may cause or aggravate acne by massaging the skin and throwing off the oil balance within the body. Then the skin overproduces oil to keep the balance. Use chickpea flour to create your all-natural cleaner to eliminate dirt and gently exfoliate. Add turmeric to decrease redness and Neem powder, which is cooling to your skin. After cleansing the face, apply coconut oil. Though it might appear counterintuitive to treat skin problems with oil, when we place healthy oils on the skin, the body knows that overproducing oil is no longer required.

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Homeopathy Treatments For Acne

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Homeopathy offers a natural and safe treatment for acne. It works tirelessly for acne gently and efficiently, with no harsh external applications. Instead of suppressing acne, these remedies treat the problem at the root. These treatments, which are protected from any adverse side effects, are prescribed following a thorough, comprehensive analysis of symptoms. Acne is an outward manifestation of an inner imbalance, something which has to be dealt with on a constitutional level. Homeopathic treatment for acne examines the individual; it assesses not just your physical symptoms but also your personality and character type. Homeopathy treats the reason for acne, by way of instance, if dandruff or stress is causing you acne, homeopathy corrects the main issue. Homeopathic medications for acne also heals your immunity from inside. The result is a permanent fix from this acne distress. In severe cases of acne, homeopathy can help reduce the intensity of eruptions and control scarring as far as possible. If your acne is affected by the imbalanced hormonal levels, your acne eruptions and severity can change during the treatment. However, with regular and continued medication, acne can be gradually controlled. Homeopathy for acne does not lead to any side-effects, and it may be safely taken for a long period.

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