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In simple terms, metabolic conditioning training refers to
structured pattern of work with rest 
periods in between to get the desired results from the body.
Usually, the desired result is 
maximizing efficiency of a specific energy system.
G.T.Anderson and R.E.Moran from the 
University of Leeds, England are credited with developing
this program in 1957. This is also 
known as a kind of interval training aimed at metabolic
conditioning and designed for
improving the storage as well as delivery of energy by
activating the metabolic systems in the 
body. Studies have also shown that this kind of high
intensity training can enhance aerobic 
fitness similar to cardio sessions and enhance muscular
endurance while increasing metabolism 
more compared to what cardio can do on its own.

Although metabolic conditioning exercises may sound pretty
intense, it can be pretty simple in 
effect. It is just about 3 rounds consisting of 10 moves
followed by another 3 bonus moves to 
deliver the metabolic boost. In terms of equipment, you just
need a set of weight dumbbells 
(medium) with your choosing a weight that is challenging but
still helpful in maintaining proper 
form. However, metabolic circuit workout is not recommended
for beginners or those who 
stayed away from workouts for long.

In the context of weight loss training, metabolic
conditioning is a departure from traditional 
fitness rules and integrates complete weight training and
cardio into a single workout. This 
training can be used in many ways and weight loss is only
one of the goals.


Each exercise should be completed on back to back basis
without any rest in between the exercises.

 1) Each circuit is comprised of 3 exercises and 2 minutes
rest is allowed between every 

 2)Complete three rounds of advanced or intermediate circuit
when you finish your 
workout or 4 to 5 rounds as a standalone workout

Science and Research

In the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research
researchers have concluded that metabolic conditioning workout needs be based on desired
goals and the individual’s fitness 

According to studies at the Baylor University and The Cooper
Institute, metabolic circuit workout provides a very time efficient means of enhancing
cardiovascular fitness as well as 
muscle endurance. Studies have also shown that metabolic
workout for women helps in 
achieving their desired goals and also maintain them for
longer periods compared to diet or 
other types of exercises.

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