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                  In this video, you will explore the key understanding of the MEANING OF HEALTH & DISEASE.  

As            Ask  yourself this very simple question: What is the Meaning of Health?

T              Today, we are easily satisfied with the idea that health simply means absence of physical symptoms so we can function in our fast-paced and action-filled lives.

F              For holistic health care practitioners, true health portrays itself in the ABILITY to EASILY ADAPT to ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES on the MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL LEVEL. 

                 This means you are not only free of physical symptoms, but also able to meet life's challenges with ease and least amount of of resistance.

                 A true healthy person radiates an inner and outer brightness, vitality, and an inner joy of life. 
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If you apply these suggested concepts and new perspective of how to live optimal health & vibrant well-being into your daily life, you will not only feel much healthier on the mental, emotional and physical level, but also you have given yourself permission to embrace a NEW WAY OF LIVING...EACH & EVERY DAY! Congratulations!


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