Vaidya Rahul Gupta, B.A.M.S , M.D. (Ayurveda)
Shri Vishva Prangana Ayurved Clinic & Panchakarma Center, Haldwani Mukhani Chauraha, Opposite Vivekanand Hospital, Uttrakhand, Haldwani, Uttarakhand-263139 (INDIA)
12 years exp

Total years in practice: 12

Publish Date
July 27, 2020
39 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Abdominal Bloating, Acidity, Ulcerative Colitis
Medical History

C/O- Fresh blood in stool. H/o recurrent colitis and abdominal infection which got ignored and later it worsened. Abdominal cramps, Loose/semisolid stools 4-5 times a day with mucosal + bloody discharge. Uneasy feeling. Gaseous distention.

Ailment time period- 2.5 years

Treatment history- Home remedies, Self medications like Kayam churna, Pet safa churna, Metrogyl, Oflox-Ornidazole combination etc.

Case Management

Ayurveda pathogenesis-

Diagnosis- Raktaj Pravahika

Hetu- Over consumption of water leading to agnimandya (reduction of digestive fire), hotel diet due to workplace away from his native city , excessive consumption of rice, Tea (8-10 times a day).

-Correction of diet and schedules as per Udar vikar.
-Use of internal medications like Kutaj ghan vati, panchamrit parpati, kutjaristha.

One month followup as the patient was away from the clinic.
Use of Swarna parpati, dadimawaleha in the followup.
No panchakarma done as the patient was busy due to his work and was

Treatment continued for 4 months.

-Abdominal cramps and gaseous distention was completely resolved in a month.

No bleeding at all but mucosal discharge with stool was there due to dietary carelessness after 30 days. Patient was strictly advised to follow the diet chart given.

-Next followup- Dietary indications followed. Good relief in overall symptoms. Stool begin to become firm like banana. Natural stool pressure early morning without water intake.

Percentage of relief increased whole the treatment progressed.
Patient completely happy and stable after 4 months of treatment. No recurrence since a year.

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