Vaidya Rahul Gupta, B.A.M.S , M.D. (Ayurveda)
Shri Vishva Prangana Ayurved Clinic & Panchakarma Center, Haldwani Mukhani Chauraha, Opposite Vivekanand Hospital, Uttrakhand, Haldwani, Uttarakhand-263139 (INDIA)
12 years exp

Total years in practice: 12

Publish Date
July 27, 2020
25 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Anxiety Disorders, Hip pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative Colitis
Medical History

C/O- Blood in still earlier now pus in stool, constipation/uncontrolled defecation, straining causes pain, fear of involuntary stool, unable to defecate without suppository on daily basis.

Ailment time period- 8 years

Treatment history- On and off allopathic treatment since eight years. Use of antibiotics, stool softener, suppository. Some sort of improvement but not complete relief. Symptom again recur after the treatment is stopped. Psychological involvement due to prolonged illness. Advised for surgery.

Case Management

Ayurveda pathogenesis-

Diagnosis- Pitta Pradhan Raktatisar.

Hetu- P prakop due to late night work, excessive pickles in diet, green leafy vegetables, green chilly. No milk and ghee consumption. Long sitting causing VP gud prakop. Alcohol and smoking.

-Correction of diet and schedules as per Pitta dosha.
-Use of internal medications like Gandak rasayana, Mahatiktaka Ghrita, Bolbadha

ras, Kutaj awaleh for a period of 3 months in a 15 days followup.
-Use of Tikta ksheer basti PANCHAKARMA (15 days -Kal basti krama) after 3

months to avoid recurrence.
Followup medicines after Basti- Mahatiktaka Ghrita and pancha tikta Ghrita

guggul for 2 months.

-Immediate relief from bleeding of pus in stool with ease in defecation. Use of

suppository only four times in 15 days.
-Next 15 days- No use of supporters at all. 80% relief in symptoms.
Percentage of relief increased whole the treatment progressed.
Digestion improved after Tikta ksheer basti. Stool begin to become normal in

consistency and color.
Patient completely happy and stable after 6 months of treatment.
Its been two years now and no recurrence reported by patient during yearly


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