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November 02, 2018
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Medical History

Beginning date: 08.10.2016

Complained: the right side of the fibula lateral malleolus fracture does not heal for six months.

History: six months before the traumatic pain, resuscitation, activity is limited, 12.04.2016 radiographs show fractures, after the hospital treatment, home to recuperate, six months later, the fracture did not heal, fracture line than the former fuzzy, experts recommend surgery, or Try acupuncture to improve circulation.

Past history: hypothyroidism, oral western medicine, supplements thyroid hormone.

X-ray: fibular lateral malleolus fracture. You can see an irregular before the next oblique line on the line, the bottom of it seems to have another fracture line. The medial malleolus triangle ligament seems to have bleeding swelling, the medial ankle lower gap slightly widened, it seems to be able to diagnose Ⅲ0 injury. After treatment, fractures and joint displacement have returned to normal.

Diagnosis: Second degree of external rotation of the lateral malleolus fracture.

(Joint dislocation of the complete recovery is essential, otherwise the inevitable occurrence of traumatic arthritis. A millimeter of dislocation will lead to more than 60% of the articular surface anatomical changes)

Case Management

After acupuncture and herbal remedy three months, the radiograph shows that the fracture heals well.

See attached before and after X-Rays.

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