Vaidya Arshiya Ali
Karnataka, India
6 years exp

Total years in practice: 6

Publish Date
September 17, 2019
18 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Ayurveda,Diet Therapy
Medical History

My  client aged 18 yrs who is an Asian came with the complaints of small  painful red bumps on the face also filled with pus. The condition aggravated during menstruation.  Initially it started with a single pimple and my client opened it with external force which worsened the pain . The red bumps and also pus filled small bumps started appearing more which is very painful and it has been troubling for an year. 

Case Management

Non vegetarian and spicy foods were stopped.

Lots of veggies in the diet was prescribed.

Treatment included

1.Purim 1 tablet  three times daily internally after food

2.Guggulu tiktaka kashaya 2 tsp 3 times daily internally half an hour before food.

3. Acnovin powder as face mask before going to bed.

4. Acnovin cream for face twice daily

this treatment was continued for 2 months.


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