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December 13, 2019
28 Years, Female, White
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Medical History

A 28-year-old girl came to our clinic with Acne on her face.

Case Management

LED Light anti-aging and anti-bacterial skin properties can be combined with facial acupuncture and facial microcurrent treatments for a powerful rejuvenation session to turn back the aging clock.


We get really good results in treating acne with LED Light therapy. Some of our clients improved their skin by 70-80% after a course of treatments of 10 visits with Led Light therapy.


LED Light treatments are relaxing and kill acne bacteria and we noticed that it works much better after about 5-6 visits. 


What is Celluma?


Celluma is an FDA approved LED Light therapy that provides blue, red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously to treat conditions, ranging from acne, anti-aging, and pain according to NASA research and development.


Different light spectrum and wavelength are passed on the face, some kill germs, some reduce inflammation and a few waves encourage circulation of blood, energy and help reduce pain.


LED light therapy reduces skin inflammation, works on acne safely and effectively with no side effects. Light therapy destroys acne bacteria, reduces blemishes and can prevent further breakouts.

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