Pradeep Kumar
Uttar Pradesh, India
25 years exp

Total years in practice: 25

Publish Date
September 30, 2019
43 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Arthritis, Hypothyroidism
Medical History

A 43 years old female, a teacher by profession suffering from Hypothyroidism since 10 years, osteoarthritis both knee for 5 years, polyarthritis for 1 year. Her pain was aggravated due to severe psychic distress that caused severe pain in ankle, foot and in all metatarsal bones making her unable to walk. She was completely bedridden for a week. On the virtue of severity of pain got admitted in Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Center, Agra, India on 26.05.2019, after understanding her case.


Mental Stress

Ankle Pain, Foot

Unable to Walk

Bed Ridden

Case Management

I prescribed Ignatia Amara LM 1 in frequent repetition, in a very short span of timeless than a few hours she felt better. After the third day, now on third day 28.05.2019, she was absolutely all right and being discharged with the same medication with increased potency LM3, diluted in the third cup. Ignatia Amara is one of the best homeopathy medicine for Arthritis and joint pain as illustrated in this success case.

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Dare to be wise. Homeopathy is the science of observation by unprejudiced mind Physician (aph 6). If the physician clearly perceives (aph 3) then nothing is incurable.

Long Live Hahnemann. 

My message to the young Homoeopaths, try to observe your patients unprejudiced (without keeping therapeutics & rubrics in your mind) then nothing is impossible by single remedy. Try not to rush to polypharmacy or patents as  I have never used any patents in my Hospital.

Homeopathic Medicine: Ignatia Amara

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