Masood Alam
Bihar, India
47 years exp

Total years in practice: 47

Publish Date
September 25, 2019
Medical Condition
Medical History

Mr. X by profession teacher consulted me for chronic gastritis.

C/o loss of appetite stool constipation. Nausea persisting for one year.

My aim and object are to do true Homoeopathy and quality of cases not the number of cases never violate cardinal principles following Herring's Law with getting upper miasm to lower miasm. So I took his history on a genetically​ constitutional basis. serially physical makeup, general make-up f​ mental make-up which gives the totality of man, not the disease. removing the only symptom is not the sign of a cure. I never consider disease symptom but.knowing disease helps to consider miasmatic treatment is to eradicate the disease from root. Giving medicine on disease basis is just like allopathic treatment and so the individuality of Homoeopathic treatment is quite different law from allopathic law of treatment. Here chronic gastritis is helpful to consider miasm which is Sycotic. So what to treat is clear. Now taking history for a man in disease not the disease in a man I didn't fix Medicine in mind prior to history taking which is half the victory of curing disease.

I noted the following rubrics in this case:

Physical makeup: Well built body, dark complexion

Disposition: violent anger

Thermal: Hot

Thirst: Thirsty

Appt: wanting

Stool: constipated

Likes: salt, green chilies

Disagrees: Bread


Arrives at the scheduled time on duty




Miasm: Sycotic

Case Management

I gave him Natru.mur 10 M/1dose only with placebo

Follow up:

The third day he appeared for the treatment of his wife and firstly reported that now my stool is clear, nausea stopped, appetite returned and having good sleep and within a month he was quite ok no trouble left at it not the resulting hand to hand.

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