Masood Alam
Bihar, India
47 years exp

Total years in practice: 47

Publish Date
September 26, 2019
Medical Condition
Medical History

A qualified Homeopathy Doctor from Pakistan Dr. Zulfaggar Ali requested me on phone for his own chronic complaints standing for 15 years.

Postnasal drip

Chronic gastritis


Knee pain

Skin eruption on scalp


Badly hair loss become ball headed

Wax filled up easily in ears

The face becomes white-coated after a bath.


Long-standing difficult

Swing left then right on walking

I took his genetic constitutional Similimum for him.i kept aside his disease whatever he managed

Physical makeup: Normal built but week figure.

Disposition: Anger in a trifle

Thermal: Hot

Thirst: thirsty

Appetite: N

Stool: constipating

Likes: salty thing +++

Change of weather

Not fastidious do not keep anything in order

On asking whether he had suicidal tendencies in life. He replied once in life.

Case Management

Now his angriness liking thermal etc pointing towards Nat.mur.On the other side vertigo long-standing difficult tilting sidewise due to earth gravitational force shows the posture of Sulphur.

So Nat.mur + sulphur = Nat sulphur

According to Dr.Kent Nat Sulphur has suicidal tendency.<weather change Nat.sulph.The Doctor told on the advice of eminent Pakistani Doctor he took Nat.mur many times but got no results. I replied because the posture of Sulphur is going side by side so you are a combined constitution of I told him to take Nat.sulph 10M/single dose and he got a marvelous result of 85 to 90% improvements within 25 days. He sent his video today. Believe it or not, listen to his report what is telling in this video

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