Masood Alam
Bihar, India
47 years exp

Total years in practice: 47

Publish Date
March 18, 2020
11 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Heart Disease
Medical History

An 11-year-old girl from Pakistan was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease. His guardian consulted me to take up her case. The girl had a serious aversion to all types of foods and had lost a lot of weight during her treatment and had become emaciated.

Clearly, it was a challenging case and I thought about how to collect the information and details. I had to reach out to the girl's parents about her body language and try to interpret her mind.

Key Findings:

According to the parents, the girl sleeps in a knee-chest position.  This is clearly mentioned in body language book by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, that there are only two medicines mentioned:

  • Medorrhinum

  • Carcinosin

Family History:

Maternal father: Cancer

Analysis and Observations:

  • Aversion to food 

  • Body language sleeps inner chest position

  • F/H.maternal grandfather died of cancer

Case Management

Homeopathic Medicine:

I gave a single dose of Carcinosin 200.


After a week, the girl wanted to eat and I let her eat whatever she liked. 

She started with an apple and cold thing easily which she was not taking anything before.  Interstengilt, she started trying different foods.

I had full confidence that she would get better. Please see her image before her treatment and after 4 months. As you can notice, there is considerable evidence that I had her picture in the beginning and just after 4 months, there was a great improvement in her health.

After 4 months, we prescribed a dropper test and you can see the results. She is still under my treatment but she is a lot better than before.

Case Discussion: Cardiovascular disease is a major killer, and, justifiably, it arouses anxious thoughts. It's in situations like these where we might instinctively believe we will need to use powerful medicine. In traditional medicine, this implies doses of dangerous drugs that need tight control and radical surgeries. Homeopathic medicine has proceeded in a similar direction. We ramp up the dose of cardiovascular-related nutrients. Nowadays, the darling of this area is chelation therapy. Hahnemann gave us a medical approach that's uniquely accurate both in its application and evaluation. Precision is what actually counts. If we could only hone our skills in Materia Medica, case taking, and studying the old homeopathic literature, a wealth of life-saving knowledge can be obtained. It doesn't require you to be instinctive in your approach, only a great "medical observer," as Hahnemann points out. I certainly encourage the use of in-depth lifestyle coaching and supportive nutrients; nevertheless, a homeopathic intervention will often quickly and decisively improve even acute cardiovascular disease.

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