Masood Alam
Bihar, India
47 years exp

Total years in practice: 47

Publish Date
September 26, 2019
35 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Medical History

Mrs. X 35 years old was suffering from CHRONIC GASTRITIS for three years there was indigestion does not bear any type of oily food even paper is intolerable stomach became heavy just after taking a meal. She was being treated by allopathic and taking pantoprazole with Dkmperon every morning in empty stomach and the enzyme after meal but no relief always vomiting undigested food. Her husband was worried that how she could pull on life if the situation persists like this. So he consulted me with his wife and I took her history (GCS)

Following rubrics:

Physical makeup: Round face, fair complexion well-built body

Disposition: Mild meek, humble

Thermal: Hot

Thirst: Thirstless

Appetite: Wanting

Stool: Constipation

Likes: sweat, meat spicy food

Disagrees: Fatty food, ghee, Dalda, oily thing egg, etc





Dear: Crowd


Case Management

I gave a single dose of pulsatilla 1 M with placebo 

Follow up:

The third day reported vomiting once. Allopathic medicine totally stopped. After a week reported no vomiting Bowel clear digesting egg, paper, etc. Feeling quite comfortable Now digesting everything No problem at all Thanks Homoeopathy.

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