Divia Mahajan, M Phil, DNHE
New Delhi, Delhi, India
2 years exp

Total years in practice: 2

Publish Date
June 12, 2020
52 Years, Male, Asian
Medical Condition
Diabetes: Type II, Heart Disease, Obesity
Counseling,Nutrition,Diet Therapy
Medical History

Case: A 52 years old male had three stents placed in his narrowed coronary arteries. He had a history of obesity, high Blood Pressure and Type –II Diabetes. He was dependent on high dosage of insulin. His cardiologist had suggested    weight loss to prevent future risk to the heart.

Case Management

Dietary Advice: Weight loss had to be brought about through a combined nutritional and behavioral approach. A steady and gradual weight loss diet had to be introduced. The amount of complex carbohydrates was given more than simple carbohydrates. Dietary fibre, lean meat, whole grains and pulses were introduced to compensate for the essential nutrients. Table sugar and salt were restricted. Processed foods, sweetened beverages, fried food, fatty meats, sweets, chips, cookies, potatoes etc were eliminated in the diet plan. Certain lifestyle modifications and light exercises were suggested.

Result: The patient started experiencing positive changes within the short span of three months. Not only did he lose weight in a steady manner, his increased sugar levels also started falling . He felt more energetic and as a result now he walks 5 kms everyday. By embracing a healthy lifestyle and eating wisely as per the diet plan, he is a happier n healthier person now.


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