David Lee
California, United States
20 years exp

Total years in practice: 20

Publish Date
September 14, 2018
65 Years, Female, White
Medical Condition
Heart Disease
Case Management

Case 144.
Complaints: Arrhythmia and ventricular tachycardia began after a whooping cough and 3 courses of antibiotics 8 years ago. She had a surgical heart ablation, which had significantly relieved the heart problem, although still persistent. In addition, she had sinusitis, abdominal bloating, thumbs pain, acid reflux, neck stiffness, and low back pain. With all these problems, she was easily tired on exertion.
Acupuncture: Left-side yin horary points in Metal-Order of LU11, KD2, LR3, HT4, and SP9. Right-side yang horary points in Metal-Order of LI1, UB66, GB41, SI5, and ST36.
Treatment process: 7 years ago, on the first visit, this patient was given a left-side Wood-Order of LR1, HT8, SP3, LU8, and KD10. There was no relief. However, she noticed an immediate and multiple relief with the left-side yin Metal-Order. After the 4th treatment, she was able to walk 40 minutes with a good sense of well-being. She had a total of 67 treatments in 4 years with gradual improvement of the multiple symptoms over time. On the 22nd visit, she was given a right-side yang points in Metal-Order, which also gave an immediate relief. Since then, she was given a bilateral acupuncture. This patient came back one month ago because the arrhythmia had returned for 6 months. She had an increased anxiety due to the problem. She only lasted 3 minutes on a heart treadmill test due to an ensuing fatigue. She had 7 treatments so far with relief again in intensity, frequency, and duration. She can now walk regularly for 40 minutes at a time with a sense of well-being and no fatigue.
Discussion: Having gone through the compromise of body at multiple levels and a prolonged recovery after heart ablation 8 years ago, the patient opted to try acupuncture again for an immediate and prolonged relief.
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