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Publish Date
April 30, 2020
19 Years, Female, Asian
Medical Condition
Skin Diseases
Medical History


A 19 years old Christian girl, 2nd yr. MBBS student, NRI suffering from-

Skin eruption, papules to pustules, very painful with severe itching, < sweating, summer. Heels with blackish discoloration around the inner aspect of thigh including groins, since many years. She has taken Allopathic & Ayurvedic medication but not better. She also complained of hard stool & difficult stool with fresh bleeding & mass protrusion

Past History: NAD

Family History: Father -D.M. & Hypertension.

Personal History: appearance: Stocky, fair dressing untidy.

Perspiration : profuse

Thirst: 2 glass/ day

Appetite: good

Desire: chocolate, bakery item, sweet.

Menstruation: irregularly irregular, duration - 7days, LMP.- 12/5/03

Mind: fear of ghost, consolation>, insecurity feeling as she is away from family.

Life space: she hails from well to do family. Parents are settled in Dubai. She was born & brought up in Dubai. Now she has come down to India for her education. So she feels lonely & insecure. She has friends but does not like to share her problem with them. She likes to be alone and think.

Examination findings: local: skin:- eruption - red papules to pustules, many in number on inner side of the thigh, from peri anal region to the knee with blackish discoloration. The part is very hairy.

P/R - 2nd degree internal piles

Diagnosis: Folliculitis with 2nd degree internal piles

Case Management

Homeopathy for Skin Diseases 

1st prescription:- Rx. Sulph 30 2 doses. 1dose daily morning.

Criteria for follow up:

1. Itching 2. Papules 3. Pustules

4. Pain 5.hard stool 6. Bleeding P/R

7. Painful defecation 8. Mass protrusion.

29/07/03 - skin same, pain slightly >, stool regular, no bleeding, itching>, no mass, amenorrhoea continued. Rx. Repeat the same.

5/08/03 -skin same, rectal problem - nil, amenorrhoea cont. Rx. Sulph 200 2 doses. 1dose /day morning.

12/8/03 - no further improvement. Rx. Sulph 1m. 1dose morning.

26/8/03 new eruption no menses. Rx. No 2 pills.

5/9/03 - no improvement. Rx. Puls 1m 1dose/ H.S.

17/12/03 - skin slightly > no other improvement.

Rx. Puls 10m. 1 dose/ H.S.

12/02/04 No much improvement. Case was restudied. On inquiry it was found that she likes to sit alone to think and along with that she likes to write poems or recite poems especially in the evening, sitting near the window when sun is setting down. She likes to see that glow of the sunset.

This symptom was found in Murphy’s repertory in chapter Mind. The rubric is Sentimental, at twilight which contains only drug Antim. Crude.

So Antim Crude 1m 1 dose was prescribed.

1/3/04 - LMP- 27/2/04.no new eruption,old eruption started healing, Rx. No 2 pills.

6/4/04 - few eruptions. LMP - 30/3/04.

Rx. Antim Crude 1m/ 1dose

11/6/04 LMP - 1/6/04. Few new eruptions. Blackish discoloration fading. Rx. Antim Crude 10m/ 1dose

17/7/04 - no complaints. LMP- 14/7/04.

No 2 pills.

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